Welcome to Seller clinic, we provide services to Offline sellers and manufacturers who want to show their products online.
Put your products in front of millions of customers that are being searched every day on India’s most visited shopping destination. More than 4 lakh businesses, big and small, sell online today. Start your selling journey with us and expand your business reach.

SELLER CLINIC is an e-commerce service provider helping sellers go digital on the e-commerce marketplace. Right from listing & cataloging, order management, sponsored ads, and account health management, we offer complete support service. We are Amazon and Flipkart Myntra Nykaa Limeroad etc. service provider helping you grow your business online and increase your loyal customer base.

As one of the best service providers from the e-commerce site, we combine our expertise and experience to deliver the best eCommerce solution to promote and sell your products.

Seller Clinic’s Automated Feedback and Review Management tool helps Amazon Sellers get more Feedback, improve Brand Reputation & boost Sales. We also work with existing E-Commerce Sellers to increase their presence on the platform both organically (optimizing Product Listings & Product Images) and through advertising (optimizing Sponsored Products campaigns). Seller clinic also offers Product Photography, EBC & A+ Page Creation, Trademark Registration, and Branding services to Amazon Sellers across the world.

Seller Clinic mainly works on two e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon.

We are a young start-up. We provide complete end-to-end’ Launch & Support Services’ to sellers on major online portals on Flipkart and Amazon.

Seller Clinic provides remote assistance support to Sellers and manages their Online Business on various platforms (Amazon, Flipkart).
Seller Clinic is a one-stop solution to manage the selling of products on e-commerce platforms to stay competitive in the market. We have innovative ideas to match your requirements and challenges encompassing sales, item listing, order management, customer support, procurement, reconciliation automated tools, digital marketing, and promotion.

The scopes of the services are given below:-

1) Launch Services:- Seller Clinic provides launch services on various online portals, We not only launch accounts but we also help them in getting their brand visibility and sales. We have launched more than 50 accounts to date and still counting.

2) Listing & Cataloging;– Seller Clinic provides listing and Cataloging services that help sellers to add more and more selection on various marketplaces. We not only list products but we make them stand out in the market.

3) Suspension Get Back:- We understand that a suspended account leads to a significant loss in business and this affects your income as well as your employee’s income. Our team focus on providing the best service so your employee and family take a breath of ease. You need the expertise of a real professional to get a positive result for your account and you can’t find someone better than Seller Clinic.

4) Account Management:- Seller Clinic provides remote assistance to all sellers in managing their account in different portals. We assure you to keep the account healthy in good condition i.e; based on all online norms and various policies listed by all e-commerce marketplaces. We make sure your business never gets shut down due to any avoidable situations.

5) Sales Boost:- Sales boost is one of the peculiar services offered by Seller Clinic to its clients to become sustainable in the fast going yet challenging online retailing. Starting from the inception of the account as per the guidelines and specifications provided by the e-commerce platforms, The service is designed to let your account run without any hassles with respect to the listing of products, order processing, customer engagement, inventory management, and many more.

6) Keywords Update:- Frequently update keywords in a new and existing listing. It increases brand visibility and sales.

  • organized and systematically designed databases for inventory.
  • Fast resolution and customer’s claim.
  • Complete assistance with product information guidelines.
  • Assistance in the management of pricing of products as per market trends.
  • Brand building.
  • Timely support and expert consultation.
  • Ahead of performance targets setup by e-commerce platforms.
  • FBA upgrade.
  • Easy ship prime.
  • Sellerflex.
  • A bestseller in the category.
  • Amazon’s best choice.

7) Ad Management Services:- Seller Clinic manages ads on the respective marketplace. We help in the optimization of ads to generate more views and sales at a very minimum cost of selling.

we will give a guaranteed 30% to 50% Minimum increment in your current sale. and if we are not able to do so, then we will refund half the amount.

On your account, I will assign 1 Account manager and 2 executives. They will work on your account on a daily basis and will be available on Whatsapp, Email, Phone.

We will raise the invoices for the services also you will receive the mail from Amazon that you avail of our services.
You are subscribing for a complete sales boost package which includes all services.