Before starting to sell on Paytm, a seller must first complete the Paytm seller registration process on Paytm’s website. Becoming a Paytm seller.

Step 1: Go to Paytm seller registration.
Step 2: Provide your name, phone, email and choose a password for the account.
Step 3: Complete the email verification process.
Step 4: Complete the mobile number verification process.
Step 5: Update business information and address.
Step 6: Provide KYC Documents (More on this below)
Step 7: Approve the terms and conditions.
Step 8: Update your catalog of products
Step 9: Begin selling on Paytm

Documents required for Paytm seller registration

To complete the Paytm seller registration process, the following documents and information are required:

Information & Documents Required

  • Name of the Business
    • Private Limited Company / Partnership / LLP / Proprietorship
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address
  • PAN number
  • PAN card scan copy
  • Bank account number
  • Account name
  • Bank name
  • Bank branch name
  • Bank IFSC code
  • Copy of cancelled cheque
  • VAT registration
  • In case VAT registration is not available, then the seller must submit a Paytm VAT registration undertaking.
  • Scan copy of address proof
    • Electricity bill
    • Bank statement
    • Aadhar card
    • Passport copy
    • Certificate of incorporation
    • Rental agreement

Note- VAT registration is required for selling on Paytm. However, in case the seller only wishes to sell unstitched apparels, books and/or handicrafts, then VAT registration is not required. On the other hand, a seller can also begin selling on Paytm without a VAT registration by providing an undertaking to obtain VAT registration. However, Paytm will hold payments to the seller until VAT registration proof is submitted to Paytm.