Product Listing And Upload images

Today’s Ecommerce customers are hard to engage as lots of options open to choose. As customers cannot see or feel your product physically, hence eCommerce product catalog management service require to maintain in the fastest-growing market.
It’s your product’s images. This is the only way a consumer can be sure of what he’s buying. A product image is your first and last shot at making an impression. That is why you need to make every image count.
So the next best thing is offering product images to illustrate the look and feel of your goods.
Customer’s final buying decisions completely depends upon the kind of product image and description are put up. Customer love and give you a good rating if delivered the same product as displayed and described on the website.

So it’s very important for your product image to look glamorous
and attractive with a detailed, informative, and complete product descriptions. the product image guidelines you must be aware of for effective online retail.

Sharp images with a clear perspective like you already know a consumer only has an image to go by. So that image has to be crystal clear. Avoid uploading blurry pictures or images of low quality. Flawless sharp images are what you should be striving for. In terms of perspective, make it a point to have your main product as the star of the image. So arrange it in a way that will get it all of your consumer’s attention.

White background images without distractions If you’ve noticed, many of the products sold on online marketplaces have a simple white background with zero distractions like logos, watermarks, text, etc behind the product. This ensures consumers only focus on your products. White backgrounds make a product look more realistic. And, the consumer can picture the way in will use it and the settings in which he will use the product.

One product at a time Avoids making a collage of your products in one image. You have the option to show multiple images. So make sure each one (image) displays the appearance of a single product at a time. Even if you plan on selling combos make it a point to show consumers what each of the products in the combo looks like. This way you can avoid returns too. Consumers will not buy a combo if they have seen exactly what it contains and doesn’t like those products.

Follow the 80% rule 

Make sure at least 80% of the image you upload shows off the product you are selling. This way the consumer cannot miss the details of your commodities. At the same time, make sure you maintain proportionate margins on all the sides of the product image.Note:-(Image and content/product features provided by the client)